Diversity Thought Leader Community™ (DTLC)

If you're a professional specializing in Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion work, you're tired of working alone, and you're looking for community... you've come to the right place!

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Join the community solely created for diversity consultants, educators, facilitators, and interculturalists!

This one-of-a-kind community helps you find vital resources to build your business. Diversity Thought Leader Community™ member benefits include:

1) A communication vehicle for:

  • Sharing ideas and obtaining different views on current events.
  • Seeking advice on how to handle a project.
  • Learning how other consultants are growing their business.

2) A collegial network for better serving your clients.

  • Improve your client acquisition skills.
  • Find a facilitator or co-facilitator for an upcoming client engagement.
  • Obtain sub-contract opportunities based on your expertise.

3) A place for obtaining content and other vital resources.

  • Barter content or purchase content from fellow consultants.
  • Find and learn some of the best exercises.
  • Find the latest video, books, and talks on DEI.

How does Diversity Thought Leader Community™ (DTLC) work?

The Diversity Thought Leader Community™ is a monthly paid membership community. Our vision is to bring together diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging professionals to collaborate and provide each other with support around learning, project delivery, and resources to accelerate everyone's business success. If you are an independent consultant, educator, facilitator, speaker, or coach in the DEBI space, we invite you to apply.

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Who's behind the Diversity Thought Leader Community™ (DTLC)?

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Michael Carter

Intercultural Competence Edge, Inc.

Susan McCuistion

daiOne, LLC